Sunday Mornings

A Welcoming Environment


You matter to God and you matter to us. At First Christian Church, we’re ready for company and we have prepared an atmosphere that allows people to grow by connecting them to Jesus and to one another. We think that going to church should be an uplifting and positive experience; one where you can come and be yourself and learn how to deal with real life issues. As we celebrate the life God gives us, you will have the opportunity to discover His answers to life’s questions.

Our morning services features music, prayer, and an opportunity to participate in communion. You will find that our worship is both celebrative and reflective. You will hear relevant Biblical messages created to address life’s issues that will let you develop a personal relationship with God and with others just like you. If you are a parent, you will have the comfort of knowing your children are enjoying a safe, interactive class environment geared to their age and interest. Whether you are investigating God and His church for the first time, or you are coming back after years away, or you already have an active relationship with Jesus, there is something here for everyone.

Sunday School

Sunday School can touch the lives of everyone in the congregation, from the very young to the very old. It’s a place where people and churches can be transformed in a number of ways:

  • Growing leaders for the church’s mission
  • Increasing people’s sense of belonging and commitment to stewardship
  • Providing a place for new people to make friends and learn to grow as disciples
  • Deepening people’s understanding of God’s activity in all of life

For Adults

At FCC, adult Sunday School is taught based on learning style. In our classes, you will find a mixture of gender, age, and marital status. We offer these adult classes at 9:30 a.m.:

  • Adult Classes
    • Depth & Discussion (David Tyree)
    • Women’s Class (Cindy Crummette)
    • Men’s Class (Alan Crummette)
  • Seasonal Classes
    • Connecting to Christ
    • Growing in Christ
    • For Teens

Donna Bryant leads FCC’s Young Life class, which is open to all teens and young adults at 9:30 a.m.