KidzVille Jr. Worship

Our goal for the FCC children’s ministry is to provide a safe, fun, and active path for kids to establish their relationship with Jesus Christ through well-rounded lessons of instruction, Bible memory, worship, music, and activities. In accordance with Luke 2:52, we want to help children grow in:

  • Wisdom: Providing opportunities for learning and applying God’s word to life
  • Stature: Providing opportunities for fun physical activities in a safe environment
  • Favor with God: Providing opportunities to develop a meaningful knowledge of God and a personal relationship with Him through prayer, study, and thought
  • Favor with Man: Providing opportunities for social interaction with other children

Kidzville Jr. Worship meets at 10:45 a.m.


Soar_ColorWe feel we have a responsibility as a church to reach children in the community. Freely sharing the knowledge and time that we have been blessed with is a demonstration of God’s grace and is in itself a ministry. Our after-school tutoring program complements the school’s present programs. Our well qualified Christian volunteers collaborate with parents to improve children’s school work through instruction, encouragement, and engagement.  Our goal is to help foster growth in their educational and spiritual life. This program is provided as a ministry to the community at no cost. However, it is necessary to register with the church. Contact the church office for information on the program and information on getting your child involved.